Who We Are

We are a collective of students with economics and business backgrounds who believe in the potential of Asian markets and their place in the world’s future. WAIA aspires to be at the forefront of change, taking on an active role in the monitoring of Asian markets and communicating these in easily understandable ways. 

As a young society, we are highly flexible and ambitious, constantly finding new ways to grow and adapt. Through our activities, we also serve our members who benefit from vital practical experience in financial research, and opportunities to develop key critical thinking and presentation skills.

Our Philosophy



Keeping updated on movements in Asian markets and making sure we’re always in the know.


Honest Communication

Integrity is at the core of what we do and write, so you can be sure we speak the truth, and the truth only. 


Committed to Excellence

We’re in it for the long-run and won’t stop halfway. We aim to publish the most informative and accurate reports.

What We Do

Finance Reporting

We’ve got our eyes and ears on Asia, bringing the best news on Asian equities, commodities, and more.

Pro-bono Consulting

Always on the lookout to be part of a meaningful Asian-centric consulting project! Drop us a note at hello@warwickaia.com if you’ve got something we could be part of.