Equities represent the stakeholder’s share in the company which are identified on a company’s balance sheet. They carry no fixed interest and are riskier in nature, giving an average annual return of 10%. Examples of equities are Common Stock, Preferred Stock and Retained Earnings.

Fixed Income & Commodities

Fixed Income refers to investments that pay a fixed interest or dividend payment until maturity date. The proportion of fixed interest directly corresponds to the riskiness of the company. Examples of Fixed Income are Bonds, Treasury Bonds and Mortgage-Backed Securities. Commodities are investments in raw materials or primary agricultural products. Commodities are traded through futures and options. Examples of Commodities are Gold, Silver and Cotton.

Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance is a new wave of investments with a focus on high returns with a social impact. It takes into account ESG (environmental, social, governance) factors in decision-making processes. Examples of SF initiatives include green and blue bonds, standard guidelines for responsible financing and the creation of a new financial risk management international forums.


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